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Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

Our Global Headquarters, 5 miles from Florida's famous beaches.

Few tech companies offer as picturesque a setting, or as plush a work environment as Citrix’s corporate headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Fewer still poll their employees on how to improve their office space. “Would you prefer custom made pizzas or a sushi bar?” Both, please.

Citrix’s global office is not just high tech it’s high style and just 5 miles from the beach. To help you get beach-fit there is a newly renovated 24-hr gym and fitness center. The café offers custom-made pizzas, smoothies, soups, wraps, sandwiches, and sushi. Other amenities include:

  • Free snacks and gourmet coffee throughout the building

  • Break, tranquility, and nursing mother rooms

  • Various sized meeting rooms available

  • Massage chairs and gender-neutral bathrooms

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