Our Culture

At Citrix, our culture is strong, vibrant and essential to how we work and serve our customers. We continually advance our culture by creating an environment where people can feed their curiosity and be continuously learning; where we hold each other accountable for driving great results and outcomes; where we collaborate and take joy from working on solving tough problems.

We share a winning spirit where we are obsessed with helping our customers and partners innovate and succeed through the use of technology. We strive to be highly inclusive, embracing different views and cultures — and empathetic, making the world a better place by giving back in ways that matter. Above all, we will be an innovative engine for our colleagues, our communities, our customers and the digital marketplace.

Our Values


​​​​​​​We act with honesty and hold each other accountable.


​​​​​​​We are open, inclusive, and empathetic.


We dream big, and are bold and selfless in pursuit of dreams.


We are continuously learning, innovating, and improving.


We collaborate and win together.